Scientific service — for culture and community

Priya Shukla M.S. and Sarah E. Myhre Ph.D.

SE Myhre is a postdoctoral scholar with the Future of Ice Initiative and the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. P Shukla is a technician with the Bodega Ocean Acidification Research group at UC Davis’ Bodega Marine Laboratory.

Below is an edited conversation between PS and SEM

Watch out for the octopus Priya!
  • Extend the “safety net” of inclusivity outside the walls of academia — we can act as a model for the broader culture.
  • Kindness, kindness, kindness, kindness — in all of your interactions.
  • Extend compassion and self awareness to your colleagues who may be even more scared and disenfranchised than you feel.
  • Acknowledge and support colleagues who are taking risks in public places. See their bravery. Recognize leadership.
  • Do not martyr yourself — practice the self-care and wound-tending that is necessary to ensure you can continue to show up.
  • Remember that your integrity as a scientist is non-negotiable. You can be the light the world needs now.

Scientist. Feminist.

Scientist. Feminist.