Standing on a chair outside in the pitch black at 3am this morning counting down from 10, getting louder and louder to see if the security guard notices me and wakes up to catching a poisonous spider in a cup over dinner, no day is ever the same in Malawi.

It’s easy to forget the 8.30 to 5.30 job I used to have in Dubai when I find myself doing a different task every other hour.

Changing sheets, putting up mosquito nets, planning the weekly food menu, staff induction, inventories, strategy work and handling a number of HR queries, I just about managed to sit down for a lunch break and wow, don’t you appreciate it so much more!

And that’s what I love about Malawi. Not only does every visit remind me again and again how much I should appreciate the smallest of things in life but also that you only need the basics to be really truly happy. For these reasons alone, Malawi will always be my second home 🇲🇼❤️