What is health coaching and what can it do for someone with a chronic condition?

What’s a health coach?

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A health coach is a trained professional who guides you towards your health goals.

We’re not doctors, dietitians or nurses (although there are those who are health coaches,too). We’re a separate category of people.We help where healthcare professionals can’t.

We can help you implement what your doctor has recommended and we can guide you towards healthier habits.

We’re trained in over a hundred dietary theories and have expertise in implementing new habits, stress and time management skills, healthy eating and much more.

Why should you hire a health coach when you’ve got a chronic condition?

It’s hard to work on your health when you’ve got a chronic condition, not in the least because everyone keeps saying ‘why don’t you try this random thing’ or ‘I’m sure if you did … you’d be cured’.

That’s not what I do, I’ve got a bunch of chronic conditions myself so I know that that sort of advice is completely useless.

It might come from a sincere place but at the most it just pisses you off. Chances are you’ve even tried what they’re saying you should anyway.

Working with a health coach allows for looking at your entire health and might help you uncover patterns that are making your health worse.

Improving the quality of your food, adding self-care skills, working on relationships… all helps with your overall health. After all, it’s not going to cure you but improving your life will always have a positive impact.

What’s it like to work with a health coach?

Working with a health coach will be different with every coach. Some will only have programs where you work with the coach one-on-one, some have group programs and some coaches do both.

Working one-on-one with a coach will mean that you’ve got excellent support and the program will be tailored to your situation.

Before the first coaching call, your health coach will send you a form to fill out and a contract to sign.

You coach will have reviewed the information you’ve given them when you have your first call together. On this first call you’ll go over the information you gave your coach and you’ll use this to plan out the rest of the program.

You’ll set goals together for the rest of the program.

You’ll work with your coach for at least a month and up to six months. This depends on the programs your coach offers.

Working with a coach in a group program means you’ll get the same sort of guidance but in a group setting. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the other people in the program and connect with them if you want to.


Sarah is a certified health coach and trained pastry chef. She was diagnosed with gastroparesis almost 6 years ago. Since then she was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and dysautonomia. Her step by step systems help other spoonies combine going gluten-free with their other dietary restrictions, apply systems to use their spoons well and get support.

Originally published at sarahfrison.com.

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