Carpet Cleaning in Crawley: The Homemade Stain Remover Recipes

Scene 1: You partied too hard last night and ended up spilling red wine on your lovely carpet.
Scene 2: Your little kid is fond of painting and takes the rug to be his canvas.
Scene 3: You have recently enjoyed an oil massage session sitting on the rug and now there are ugly, blackened spots everywhere.
Scene 4: Your husband found it tempting to polish his shoes on the rugs (poor you!).
Scene 5: Your pet bird pooped and peed on the rugs, and now the marks have become next to inseparable.

Well, the scenes are endless and the possibilities of mishaps are many. But, your misery remains the same — there’s no easy way you can do away with the tough stains on the rug, right? Wrong! Carpet cleaning in Crawley is an easy affair if you have these simple things in your home:

  • Salt.
    Yes, salt! It is an excellent remover of red wine stains. Apply it generously over the spot and allow it to sit overnight. The salt granules will absorb the moisture of the wine, turning the stain pink. Allow it to sit for some more time and the stain will be gone forever.
  • Beer.
    Say you have spilt coffee or tea instead of wine. What do you do then? Well, simple. Take some beer and pour it on top of the stain. The tea or coffee will magically come out. Repeat the process and the stain will be diminished greatly. Beer has another advantage. It can remove oil and ink, too.
  • Dishwashing liquid.
    This, again, is a great oil remover. As a matter of fact, dishwashing liquid is very effective for most stains. Simply apply it to the area and rinse it with cold water. Additionally, you can mix it with beer or other alcohol for better results.
  • Vinegar.
    Nothing can beat the efficacy of vinegar in DIY stain removal from rugs. It is of multipurpose use. If a stain is light, use a solution of vinegar and salt. If it is dark, mix vinegar with borax and apply. For paint and fruit juice stains, use a solution of vinegar and laundry detergent. For grime and dirt, mix vinegar with cornstarch. And, for tea and coffee stains, there’s no need to mix. Just apply it directly! Awesome, isn’t it?
  • Lemon juice.
    Of all adamant stains, rust is the worst of all. But, if you apply lemon juice over it, the stain can come out easily. The removal is even better when you apply salt over the lemon juice. However, please remember that you might need to hire professional carpet cleaners in Crawley for this.
  • Shaving cream.
    It is great for oil and grease, just like the dishwasher liquid. Also, you can use it whenever you spill fruit juice. Great, no?
  • Baking soda.
    Sometimes, the scene is worse than tea spilling or greasing. Say, someone suddenly feels pukish and vomits on your precious rug. Or say, your pet dog urinates on them. You now have to remove the stain and the smell, too! Well, the bottle of baking soda in your kitchen shall come to the rescue. Simply sprinkle it, and brush it off later.

Seen how you have all the carpet cleaning amenities right at your home? Nevertheless, not every stain can be removed using a ‘DIY’ attempt. So, don’t forget to keep the contact numbers of expert carpet cleaners ready. Good luck with your rugs!

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