Does Your Flooring Have The Monotony

It is not always that the flooring of your house or office gets noticed but however, Karndean flooring is becoming more and more popular as we progress. The reasons for which it is highly being recommended in commercial and domestic places are its style statement with practicality and its long lasting durability.

Vinyl flooring in Croydon that is a quality alternative to the laminate flooring and real wood flooring which are more commonly found.

What really make this kind of flooring stands out are its versatility and the ability to take on different textures and effects. Keeping the authenticity in mind these floors can be customized to suit your purpose by the flooring experts which means you can have a floor that is both unique and functional.

The hard wearing advantage of this type of floor is more than that of a good laminate floor. Once it is laid, the flooring reveals its aesthetic look and pleases the customers. The real wooden flooring somehow fails to match its standard. For these reasons it is quite often used in shopping centres where it can withstand extreme levels of usage.

The advantages-

The planks are not interlocked but are thin and flexible and stick directly onto a concrete floor and that is what a Karndean flooring in Croydon does. Due to this kind of setting the floor is extremely level and neat. However, for that the floor needs to be prepared first, by laying a levelling screed which needs to be left to dry out, for an overnight.

Unless you are highly qualified about the fittings of the floor, it is not advisable that you fix your Karndean floor. This also points that the floor needs to be suitable before laying of this kind of flooring. For example, the floor needs to be checked for dampness and the levelling screed means there may be complications with skirting boards or fireplaces. The best advice would be to lay your flooring up to the walls and to the sides of the room because this works very well.

The pocket pinch-

The floor itself is quite high-priced, equivalent to similar products in real wood but slightly less than products for other household use. What makes the floor a lot more costly is the cost of fitting due to the floor screeding which is a necessity.


The floor is excellent and easy to clean. It does not leave any evidence of any scratching or marking that cannot be cleaned simply with a cloth. For maintenance it is preferred to use an anti-static floor maintainer, which will be recommended by the fitter. This should be used at least once a month and will give a good shine to your floor.

The wrap up-

Overall, it does cost a bit of a pinch in your pocket but it is worth when a product is good and it’s expected long life makes it a great investment which is highly recommended.

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