Eating My Words

When I learned I was being a hypocrite.

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Well, I did it!

As of midnight tonight, I will have completed my most successful detox yet. It has been over three weeks of saying no to sugar, fatty foods, wine, and anything else that will make my toes wiggle with delight. 10 pesky pounds down and my pants fit better, too!

Phew! I finally have made it! I am so successful and accomplished.

Tomorrow you ask? Oh… well I usually chow down on pizza and Doritos.

I have been through this process a few different times. I always feel incredibly successful after all of this time and I end up sharing it with just about every person I can talk to about my journey.

There is nothing wrong with indulging but this is what struck me this time around.

You see, as wonderful as I feel physically, this time my mindset shifted. I realized that saying “NO!” to French fries is more than doing just that.

This time I am taking a stand. Tomorrow, I choose to fight.

It is about paving the way for my future children. It is about showing my husband, Aaron, that I care enough about our marriage to say “YES!” to the next 80 years. It is about being an example and living out what I preach to people when I share my story. It is about honoring God with your body.

(Who the heck wants to follow a hypocrite, anyway?)

Today I choose to stand tall and not look at today as the last day but as a single day that makes my entire journey beautiful.

I know I will stumble, but that is why I have the best team behind me. That is why I do this with my husband. That is why my am choosing energy over feeling sluggish.

Today I am eating my words. They are hard to swallow but I know that I will be better for it.

Today I choose to fight. Today I choose to stop being a hypocrite. Today I choose to look at success as being one step beyond where I was yesterday.

Here is to tomorrow. A beautiful and healthy tomorrow.

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