Over the past ten years, the gaming industry has changed drastically. Although there are more women working in the gaming world, the number of women in development of games or (devs) is still very low as compared to the number of men in developer roles. Gaming developers are responsible for creating the virtual worlds within games. As compared to ten years ago, the number of women in the gaming industry has only slightly increased; however, there has been no significant change to the number of women coding, script writing, and graphic development

Why do women in gaming primarily hold positions in administration, management, and advertising, when women have creativity and technological attributes that could significantly contribute to the development of games?

Facts about the gaming industry:

  • 17% of the work force is women primary roles administration and marketing
  • Although women are in managerial roles these are still considered junior levels of management, therefore very few get to opportunity to be in seniority positions
  • Women holding junior management roles do not get to participant in hands on development by contributing to programing or artistry

What do men think of women in the gaming industry?

Researcher Haines (2004) explained that men welcome a woman’s perspective in the gaming world. Considering that the gaming world is primarily male dominated research indicates that men are eager to have a balanced and improved work environment. Research shows that girls and women participate in games. Being a male dominated industry women are paid less, work more hours, and are subjected to sexism within their work environment.

Boys versus girls in the gaming world:

Historically boys log more gaming hours than girls do. However, Haines (2004) indicated that girls primarily play mobile games: online interactive games such as classic console games or games that consist of higher social content offered by Xbox live. Boys tend to play more violent and action games than girls. This is portrayed as technical and sciencetific to most girls. It makes sense that women would not necessarily want to develop a game that they themselves would not want to play however as Haines (2004) explained, men are accepting to a women’s perspective of violent games. However, in other ways this concept has turned girls off of gaming and the development of a new game.

Just how would games today be changed if more girls and women were involved in their development process?

Recent technology improvements have made information technology subject more geeky and scientific as compared to earlier techno gadgets. This has inspired women to get more involved in the gaming industry. For example, due to the increase in mobile gaming and marketing women have been operating several online business. By offering mobile games targeting girls and women, online games and interactive TV women are changing the gaming industry.

Reported facts about women in the gaming world

  • Women and girls are interested in technology, gaming, and development of these games
  • Women want to be treated with respect in the work place
  • Talented women are being over looked due to the male dominated work force

How can girls and women get more involved and be successful in the gaming industry?

Girls who currently enjoy gaming, technology, and techie world today should pursue further education in this field. This step will increase the number of women within the science of information technology therefore leading to more women in the gaming world. Second, women currently in these programs should pursue the spotlight in the gaming world. For example, talented and educated women are worth the same amount of money as men are this should be visible in the gaming industry. Finally women should demanded a more comfortable environment to work in this could be outlawing offensive behaviors and encouraging creativity or simply having a better networking and mentoring option. By taking these steps women could change the gaming industry in a feminine yet positive way.


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