Apps That Will Save Your Life During Exam Period

Just call me the app girl xoxo

Revision and exams ruin lives. Let technology help you (or at least provide you with some mild procrastination).


For many of us, revision week sees us balance revision along with a mountain of assignments — confirming that our lecturers are pure evil and want to see us die from stress.

If you haven’t used RefMe yet then you have not lived and you have clearly wasted too many hours of your life referencing when you could have been on Yik Yak/having a social life.

RefMe is a web-based and app platform that saves you millions of hours when it comes to referencing. Just put in a bit of information about your source e.g web link, book title and their software does the rest — happy days. It even lets you choose which referencing style you want to use. And even better, they’ve just made a chrome extension so you can reference as you go along without having to click between browser windows. Just fabulous.

Price: FREE

Remember The Milk

You’re revising for 4 exams. You have an essay due the day before your first. You have a friend’s birthday smack bang in the middle. And you keep forgetting to do your laundry and all you have left to wear is your freshers t-shirt that you got for free at the start of the year.

Go be an eager beaver and inject some organisation into this hectic time in your life. Remember The Milk is a nice little task management and to-do list app that reminds you to feed yourself and also helps you structure your revision/life balance that little bit better.


Simple Mind

It’s all fun and games writing out your lecture notes endlessly pretending that you’re actually learning them as you go along. But we don’t all have photographic memories like your bloke off Suits.

Mindmaps are actually a decent way of condensing information and helping you absorb it. You can also make them look really pretty and decorate your room with them. Simple Mind is a nice little app that let’s you do it on your phone/tablet so that you don’t have to fork out your life savings just to buy some A3 paper and pretty pens.

Price: Free for the basic version, £3.99 for the full version (cry)


Inevitably you will get fat during exam time. This is a cruel reality, especially with bikini season coming up. So it might be an idea to factor in some exercise between your library sessions.

Spuddy is an app that let’s you partner up with people to play sport. It’s ideal if you don’t have any friends or if your friends are all rowers, as you can choose your experience level in the sport to be suitably matched with some equally horrendous at tennis as you.



There’s no hiding that BBC Bitesize remains of infinite use to University students 3–4 years down the line after its intended use. I suppose it is a good idea to master the basics of your course taught at GCSE level to 16 year olds before progressing on to degree level stuff. No one is judging you.

Gojimo is a cool app that emulates what BBC Bitesize does, but it’s in an app form. Which is cooler. And prettier. It also has tests and a progress tracker which can be fun.


The Economist Espresso

Have you ever managed to read a copy of The Economist from cover to cover before the next one arrives? If you have, you have no life. Thankfully, there is now a quicker way to consume all the latest political, economic and business developments that are actually quite important to know for many of the courses people study here. The Economist have created an app, “Espresso”, that gives you a daily low-down on what’s going on in the world. It’s bite-sized amount of info that you can digest in 5–10mins during your Starbucks break.

Price: (unfortunately you need to be a digital subscriber to get access to this, but you can buy this subscription for £12 for 12 weeks — it’s definitely worth it)

Exam Countdown

We all have that reoccurring nightmare of missing our exam — and for many this is actually a reality because we lose track of days or sometimes just can’t read exam timetables properly.

To allay these fears and help you to sleep better at night, some kind soul has developed an app to show you the countdown to your exams. It’s more fun and better designed than just using iCal or google calendars. Putting the info into it also provides for some nice procrastination.



I read on Yik Yak that an individual was spotted in the library skyping his revision notes to his mate. Interesting revision technique. But sometimes working together with a group eases the pain of tackling those complex theories you unfortunately have to master for your upcoming exam. Equally, working in a group means that dreaded human interaction and actually changing out of your pjs and leaving halls/getting on a bus.

Swoodle is a crazy-cool group collaboration app that lets you and a bunch of other people work together on a collaborative document, as well as voice call and video call at the same time — amongst a whole host of other insane features. It’s definitely a different approach to revision and is a good one to keep on your iPhone/iPad for next year to help with those dreaded group project tasks!


Yik Yak

Yik Yak has taken the University of Bath by storm. I can officially unofficially say that we have the best Yik Yak game in the UK. Yik Yak has made it into the list because in order to revise effectively, you’ve got to give yourself the occasional break. And there is no better way to spend that break than to read about the similar exam struggle faced by everyone else on campus. In Bath, it’s also a good source of information for the current capacity of the library, any recent duck antics, the occasional political debate, and some serious dissing of Bath Spa.

Price: Free. If they charged for it there would be a riot of unparalleled proportions.

Happy revisioning xoxo

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