Bipolar and Manic Depression

Many people do not seem to know this, however, there is definitely a difference between Manic and Bipolar Depressions. The word Maniac comes from the word Manic, doesn’t it seem odd that no one really calls bipolar people Maniacs?

Well, the reason why is because they are different and I am honestly sure that it is rather offensive to label someone with bipolar depression as manic depressive.

To have bipolar depression would in the simplest way mean to have extreme mood swings that are usually low. Emotions that are experienced by people with bipolar depression are approximately thirty times more intense than normal people; both positive and negative emotions. However, they have more lows in their moods than highs.

To have manic depression is like a way more severe version of bipolar depression whereby when the individual is at a low point, he/she will suffer from psychosis; being completely detached from the world and not truly knowing what is going on around them.

When a person with bipolar is having a low, they are not at all psychotic or extreme. Therefore, it would most probably be offensive to someone who has bipolar depression to be labelled as one with manic depression.

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