Conspiracy Theorist — The IR

So, I had a really really really high fever last night and very bad sore throat. Who would thought having a slipped disc would have prepared me for this — I had 5 ice packs to bring the fever down. Anyways, I missed the first day of work… And after attaining the MC from the clinic across the road I slept till 12:30pm. I am feeling much better now.

The IR in me (I have a lot of IRs compared to the factual DRs) thinks its that I released the bazi without getting money back. The DR in me thinks that it could have been (a) caught the cold from relatives getting well, (b) caught from mum, or (c) caught from a potential dengue carrier — option (c) was ruled out, as I googled and you have to be bitten by the mosquito to have dengue.

Anyway, back to the one thing that has confused me for a long time… I have came across many schools of thought about money changing hands for a reading. My sifu is very insistent that I should always charge for any reading. Yet, I have came across others who reads for free — or those who blogs about bazi case studies for academic purposes. I would love to know other’s take on that.