This Is My Day, Today

The other day my number 21 bus was stalled at the Midtown Station when I overheard the driver yell at an oncoming passenger, “Ma’am, you gonna have to break down that stroller.” I saw her through the window. She had a beige stroller with an old, tattered blanket over it.

Ma’am, is that a service animal?” I heard the driver ask. Pulling myself out of my podcast-induced-waiting-to-have-to-interact-with-others-once-I-got-to-work deposition, I noticed that the woman was now trying to simultaneously hold the blanket off the ground, breakdown her stroller and hold her very large, very upset orange and white cat.

Is that? I thought.


Now, I do have to tell you that this isn’t my first experience with a cat stroller owner. Nope. Second for sure. The first time was at a street festival in a very eclectic Minneapolis neighborhood. It was August and this cat was outside in its stroller, with a battery-powered fan pointing right at it. I’m not here to judge, I’ve never owned a cat before. However, I would think that maybe if you need a fan for your cat because it was too hot, that maybe you should leave it at home.

I was officially late to work because of a lady and the metro transit authority’s harsh rules on “strollers” and “what is or is not a service animal.”

My only thought? Is this going to be the type of day I have today?

Author’s note: cats are not service animals.

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Originally published at on October 27, 2015.

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