Should We All Switch To Credit Unions?
Ester Bloom

I love my credit union — Teachers First — I qualified to join as a TA in grad school and I just never left. They don’t charge ATM fees (and they are part of a national network anyway), or foreign transaction fees, their website is super easy to use, I deposit all checks with their app, they have my mortgage (at less than 4% interest) and they have promised not to sell it to anyone else. They even gave me a car loan when I was unemployed based on my credit and history with them — and I really needed that car to find/get to work.

The only thing that is a bit of a hassle is when I do have to go to a branch office, I don’t have one very close to where I live now. That has happened twice in the last ten years. Driving for half an hour a couple of times a decade is a small price to pay.

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