New Year, New You

The new year is upon us. That means everyone will be writing down their resolutions to better themselves for the upcoming year. Some people will attain those goals, others won’t. I’ve never been one to write down resolutions but this year I decided to. So take a look below to see what I resolve to do in 2016.

  • I resolve to serve my husband in day to day tasks and show the Gospel in my marriage by serving my husband.
  • I resolve to be more intentional in my relationships by spending time with friends in town and writing to/calling the friends out of town rather than just keeping up with them through social media.
  • I resolve to use my time more wisely by putting aside distractions (social media, t.v., etc).
  • I resolve to be a better steward of our (mine and my husband’s) money by setting and keeping a monthly budget.
  • I resolve to be a better steward of my body; to work out three times a week and to eat healthier (less junk food and chocolate).
  • I resolve to read five books this year and grow in knowledge.

Those are a few things that I am resolved to do this next year and for how ever many more years the Lord allows me to grace the Earth.

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