Break The Isolation of Self-Employment

Working from home can be isolating, if you let it be.

Other than a steady paycheck, the only thing I liked about working in corporate was the daily interaction with humans.

Solve those two things and never feel the draw of a 9–5 again.

Interaction with humans and feeling connected is essential to long-term sustainable self-employment.

Here are some things to try (all of which have helped me):

1) Setup virtual lunch dates with colleagues that you have connected with and that you like, but live far away.

2) Setup real lunch dates with local friends and family. If you don’t have any check out for local groups that you can join and meet people.

3) Listen to podcasts, it’s almost as good as talking to someone — I am really enjoying true crime podcasts lately, my new favorite is Truth & Justice.

4) Collaborate with others on products and service offerings. Collaboration may take more time that producing something solo, and yet it offers you the opportunity to communicate with another living, breathing, human.

5) Join or start a small (free) mastermind. My mastermind is a place to connect and work on my business at the same time.

6) Volunteer for an organization or cause you believe in. I am on the Board of Directors for the amazing summer camp that I went to as a child.

7) Work from an outside office (my go-to is a coffee shop) at least one time per week.

8) Hang out on (a live streaming video platform ) — there are people there, having actual conversations, pop into a seat and talk.

9) Call someone. Did you know that you can call someone anywhere in the world, for free, through Facebook messenger now? You can just send a FB friend a message and ask them if they can chat for a few minutes. Better yet, schedule these calls on a regular basis.

I would love to hear your ideas below, anything I missed? Which of these have you tried?