If Children…

-John Taylor Gatto

If children could be kept childish beyond the natural term,

if they could be cloistered away from reality in a society of children,

if they could be stripped of responsibility and set to bidding for stranger’s favors,

if their inner lives could be starved by removing the insight of historians, philosophers, economists, writers and religious figures,

if the inevitability of suffering and death could be removed from daily consciousness and replaced with the trivializing emotions of greed, envy, ambition, jealousy and fear which daily competition calls forth,

then young people would grow older but they would never grow up.

In this way, the great enduring problem of management would become sharply reduced, for who can argue against the truth,

the childish and childlike people are far easier to manage,

this management takes place at long range of course through low status surrogates hired by the state in institutional schools.

Of what use, specifically, are childish people to management other than bossing them around efficiently,

childish people for all the noise they make are nearly helpless and eventually almost always fall back into line no matter how defiant they’ve been because they have no other choice, they lack the inner resources to be self-sustaining,

they key to a rich inner life and a complex society like our own is principally through tradition, family life, religion, exploration, reading, reading, reading, solitary, reflection…