Harvard Republican Club Refuses to Endorse Donald Trump
Harvard Republican Club

I’m old enough to remember when bipartisanship was normal. I’m old enough to remember when my centrist parents watched the primary processes in both parties, not to choose the lesser of two evils but to see which of the candidates they admired would sound most pragmatic. I’m old enough to believe, because I saw it before it ended, that collegial debate across party lines sometimes produced better results than either party could have come up with on its own. And although I’m an enthusiastic Hillary supporter — because I’m old enough to remember the truth about how the smears against her unfolded in real time — I’m patriotic enough, or maybe crazy enough, to wish we had two parties that were both healthy and functional in their own distinct ways.

I think the health of our country depends on conservatism of the kind you’ve articulated here having a party that works for it without having to give equal time to the George Wallace wing of anything. Whether the party that upholds the principles and traditions you espouse four years from now is called Republican or something else, I wish it the best of luck. Your declaration here is one of the most hopeful signs I’ve seen. You kids, you darn kids, are welcome on my lawn. Have some lemonade and a comfortable chair, and let’s get to the business of cordial disagreement in the service of our nation.

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