Moving My Blog to Medium

In 2004, I resisted starting a blog. Blogs were a fad, I insisted, and a time sink even if they weren’t a fad. I had a novel to write. When would my friends stop pestering me to start blogging?

The answer was so completely never that one of my friends registered on LiveJournal for me and made me a gift of my new account. He gave it the name I had joked I would use if I ever started an advice column: Ask Dr. Pretentious.

A lot happened in my fourteen years as dr_pretentious. I finished my first novel, trunked it, and wrote more books. I had my children, published a bunch of stuff, moved to DC, won a book award, ran a Kickstarter campaign. All that living is still recorded. I can no longer entrust those records of my life, or the records of days still to come, to LiveJournal’s current owners.

LiveJournal got sold to a Russian company, suffered service outages whenever Russian dissidents posted anything memorable, aged problematically, and gradually stopped being the place where all the fantasy and science fiction writers blogged. But I was busy writing the next book, and the next, and learning a new blogging platform was a hassle. I figured I’d stay as long as George R.R. Martin did, and he’s still there.

But then there was an election.

I had to decide what to do about a lot of things. It took a while for the blog to work its way to my top priority, but today here it is.

It’s a good time for a fresh start. I’ve got a shiny new agent working to lift me out of small press, a book new enough that I’m still getting the word out, and big plans of all kinds.

Turns out this is actually a great time to be working on an epic fantasy novel about a gang of dissidents trying to bring down a mad monarch who has exceeded his charter. I wasn’t expecting life to imitate art, but apparently the story I’m telling is the kind of story whose time has come.

So this is me becoming a Medium blogger. If you want to read my old stuff, you can find the last fourteen years of my life at Ask Dr Pretentious, or backed up at DreamWidth. It’s also mirrored on my official site,, as this blog will continue to be, though the rest of that site is still evolving. In lj’s heyday, the party was always in the comments. The boisterous conversation I see around here at Medium in other writers’ comment threads is one of the big reasons I’ve packed my electronic bags and moved.

On Tuesday the generous Kathy Bryson will be hosting me as a guest blogger. She sent me a bunch of fine questions to play with, and I’ve had several pages of fun with them. It’s past time I embraced the fact that the place to announce that kind of thing is here, where the future seems to be hanging out.

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