Pregnancy in America

Thousands upon thousands of babies are born everyday and yet America is totally in denial of what this actually means. Once these babies are born, mothers are given 60 days of unpaid maternity leave (paid depending on state) before they have to go back to work; however, childcare is so expensive many mothers are pretty much out of jobs. If women have been producing children since the beginning of time, shouldn’t we be allowed to have paid maternity leave in all 50 states and affordable childcare? No, America has to capitalize on us.

Not only do we have to pay a ridiculous amount of money on childcare but we also have to pay several fees to find an OBGYN to deliver your baby, on top of all of the medical costs even though you have health insurance. Health insurance is pretty much just a glorified discount.

With all of this combined, what really ticks me off the most is the fact that maternity clothes are nearly impossible to find. In my well populated city, there is only one store to find maternity clothes, and of course they are expensive. All maternity collections have been removed from nearly all department stores and transitioned online. Are people aware that pregnant women’s bodies change frequently? My rib cage has expanded 4 inches and the rest of me remains a mystery. So, how am I supposed to know what size clothes will fit me without trying them on? I’m not about to spend $5 on shipping and wait 5–7 business days to receive something I needed yesterday to find out it doesn’t even fit me.

To top this off, while searching maternity clothes, only about 40% of the models are pregnant! Of course these clothes are going to look great on them, they don’t have a child growing inside of their uterus…

This rant originated because I am 26 weeks pregnant, it is 80-something degrees outside at 8:30pm and I don’t have any pajamas to wear. Naturally, I go online to look for “affordable” maternity/nursing pajamas and they are all $40+ being modeled by 100 pound women.

Get your shit together America; Women create babies. We always have and always will.

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