Impact of Google’s Local Business Cards on Local Searc

Google is currently exploring a new way to display search results which can have a significant impact on search and local SEO. Something that experts all over the web are calling ‘Google Local Business Cards’ is going to change the scenario of local search in the coming days. This will help candidates to get updates on primary results. According to what web gurus know, these cards can be very helpful for businesses, as they can simply request for an invitation, which Google may or may not approve. This business card will also help local businesses to promote their services and certain offers in the form of card carousels, that would find their place on the top of SERPs. They would also have information as well as visual previews. These business cards would also be scrollable, which searchers can scroll horizontally to find other posts situated in the keyword phrases, that were initially searched. Thus, we can say that these cards by Google would be great for some business sites, but not for the others.

Now, the question arises, how exactly would that affect SEO? We should let you know that primarily there are two search queries. They are business category queries and business name queries. Though majority of these queries lead to results on the top of the SERPs, there is need for some organic traffic from both set of queries. The sites which are mainly competing for these queries are mainly local businesses and service area businesses of all sizes and shapes.

If you ask which businesses are going to make it big through this SEO trend change which ones are going to receive a severe blow, the answer would require some amount of debate. However, going by how various things are looking, the small businesses that are at the mercy of ecommerce sites, local business directories, content sites, service area businesses and local businesses. However, the players who are going to enjoy some real bonanza are local businesses who are focusing on creating engaging content, agencies who have the knowledge to produce and optimize content scale in general, spammers who are quick at hijacking listings and of course Google.

So, by this time you are probably a lot clear about what is going to happen and which category your business actually falls into. Hiring the top SEO company in India is the best decision you would be signing up for, as content creation is their forte and their experienced and trained professionals would know exactly how to line up your campaign and make your content as useful as anything else. What really sets an SEO company in India apart is the way they research into depths and adapt to the changing trends, without compromising on the essential core of SEO. That means you can be assured of white hat practices without the fear of lagging back compared to your peers. The leading names in the business have qualified teams of content developers who would ensure that quality content is generated and you are able to get what you pay for.