How To Get Best MPPT Solar Inverter Charge Controllers?

Are you looking for charge controllers for your solar systems? the most important of all the solar inverter charge controller is to adequately charge the batteries and to increase their lifespan. these controllers are broadly divided into two categories — PWM (Pulse width modulation) and MPPT (Maximum power point tracking). The major difference between these two type of charge controller is PWM is less efficient than MPPT.

These days, MPPT is in high demand due to its great feature and more power than other tradition solar inverter charge controllers. They gain you up to 30% more power than the PWM controllers and make sure that the battery will last for long hours. Maximum power point tracking also allows the strings of panels to be connected in perfect series for higher voltages and keep the amperage and the wire size smaller.

When picking an MPPT controller for your requirement, there are few important things that you must follow to make sure that you get the right controller for your system. You can consult any professional manufacturers for calculating its efficiency and suitability for your job. If you want to make some quick calculations then here are few points that you must keep in mind while buying these MPPT controllers for your system.

  • The wattage of the solar array :- A typical bank voltage of inverters are offered in the range of 12, 24 0r 48. So try to keep these watts in your mind while looking for quality controllers.
  • A Low Self- Consumption :- Quality solar controllers have a low self-consumptions and come within a robust case with installation manuals.
  • A User- Friendly Display :- Superior solar inverter charge controllers must have a user-friendly display that indicates right system values. It must indicate the symbols and icons of charging and load supply so that users are able to understand the system, regardless of language.