2016: Reading Challenges

With the 84 books of 2015 behind me, it’s time to embark on my 2016 reading adventures! Read on to learn more about how I’m challenging myself this year!

Greetings, fellow readers! Nothing makes me excited about a new year more than a blank page in my book spreadsheet (yes, really). In fact, this will be the tenth year that I’ve been tracking each and every book that I finish!

To celebrate these ten years and to push myself a little bit, I’m taking on two reading challenges this year — and I hope you’ll either join me or pick a reading challenge of your own.

In August, I wrote about how I pick books and introduced you to my reading twin (who I’ve never met!), Anne from Modern Mrs. Darcy. I love reading Anne’s blog and I like that she explores different genres and collects recommendations from (seemingly) everywhere!

So when she announced her 2016 Reading Challenge I knew I had to do it!

This is NOT MINE! It’s a downloaded version from http://modernmrsdarcy.com/. And you should go there!

Unlike other reading challenges, this one felt structured enough but also came with some flexibility. If you’re just getting into reading again, it’s challenging you to read one book a month — totally doable! You can join the community as well as Tweet/Instagram your reads with #MMDchallenge and #MMDreading.

I read the list three time and started to get really excited, so when January 1st rolled around, I decided I had to pick my first book.

And that’s where my second reading challenge comes in.

I’ve overdone it on the book purchases. We’re in the middle of a big house clean and purge and I have (not kidding) at least fifty books in my to-read pile.

Okay. One pile on my nightstand and two piles on the floor.

Also, about fifteen books on the bookshelves.

And another ten on our shared GooglePlay account.

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I am not allowed in bookstores anymore.

In a year when I’m trying to remember the mantra “Use it up,” I need to go through the books I have before I get more. So I’ve cut myself off. I am not allowed to buy any books or magazines until July 1st. I can borrow, I can accept gifts (cough, cough) and I can go to the library. But that’s it.

It doesn’t sound difficult but it is. I know. I started this about three weeks ago and I can’t even go near a bookstore.

I have a problem.

So the first month’s assignment for the reading challenge was to read a book published this year. That breaks my rule aaaaaaaaand I don’t want to give up so soon! Instead, I selected some books in my stack (one birthday gift, two Christmas gifts, and one borrowed book) all published in 2015 that I hope to get through this month:

Moriarty (Anthony Horowitz): Because, Sherlock.

All My Puny Sorrows (Miriam Toews): This looks to be character-driven and all about relationships, so it’s my kind of books!

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost) (Felicia Day): Highly recommended by several colleagues, she came to speak at Google Kirkland last year and I missed it. Time to see what all of the fuss is about.

It Was Me All Along (Andie Mitchell): I’d like to read a few books this year that help me cultivate my new body-positive image, and Mitchell’s memoir seems to fit the bill.

No buying books and tackling a different assortment of books? Sounds great, right? I can’t wait to share more book recommendations with you. Come back mid-month for my reviews of books that will take you around the world!

xo, Sarah

P.S. Speaking of foreign destinations, I’m finishing up entries about Navidad in Mexico and our last #europe2015 adventure in Vienna! See you later this week!

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