My life is an outtake reel

Embrace the outtakes

There is a longing for authenticity in the world of filters, Photoshop, and curated experiences. If everyone else is perfect and my life has gone to shit, how great do I feel when I see everyone’s perfect babies, perfect makeup, and perfect homemade meals?


Something surprising happened when I shifted my blogging focus from “OMG this is amazing stuff that happened!” to “Here is a bunch of stuff that has or will happen, and some of it is good but also some of it sucks.”

It’s hard to put your non-perfect self out there. The Internet is rampant with assholes, body-shamers, and misogynists — people who can judge from their armchairs and make snap judgements on you based on your gender, your religion, or your political beliefs.

But we deny ourselves, our friends, and the world so much if we only post the final version.

Srsly, this was the ONE good photo of more than twenty!

There’s a reason we love the outtake videos — it lets us watch actors, the professional role players, mess up! And while there is something fun and exciting about the wind-in-the-hair, from-my-good-side picture, you get to know much more about me from the other ones. S calls me a person with 500 faces and those are just four! I am such a nerdy laugher but that’s part of who I am. I want people to see that too.

So whether it is your photos or your stories, don’t just share the finished product. No need to have a reel of TMI moments, but let us see behind the curtain. You’re not just an all-powerful Oz — you’re a person with dreams, hopes, fears, and vulnerabilities. Rather than curating your life, just live it.

xo, Sarah

P.S. I’m back tomorrow to share my May behavior change with you. SPOILER: It’s about what might to right in my life instead of my constant focus on what might go wrong.

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