Raymond, WA

Snapshot(s): Long Beach, WA

We had planned on taking a trip to D.C., but with all of the work travel and whatnot we canceled the tickets (thank you Alaska for your great mileage plan — we only had to pay one $125 change fee to retain all of the miles because mine was free thanks to my status!) and booked an AirBNB in Long Beach.

Yes. The “World’s Longest Beach.”

S had never been here, but for me it was a trip back to the shooting galleries and arcades and the sandy beach of my childhood. It was a little bittersweet because everything seemed smaller and older. Or maybe I just grew up a little.

We owned that arcade! Sergio made our dinos his new friends.

There are few places as beautiful to me as the beach in the springtime.

And the history! We visited several of the local landmarks, including Fort Stevens and Cape Disappointment

Get ready for a history lesson.

All-in-all, it was a lovely trip, though it was unfortunately cut short when S rolled his ankle (again) on a rock (see below).

My foot is on the EVIL rock that rolled the ankle.

So we (I) did a quick pack-up and had a nice sunset drive home.

Bye, beaches…

xo, Sarah

P.S. It’s going to be a great summer of travel! We are headed to Portland for a fun weekend, to Kauai, and (hopefully) to Singapore! Safe travels, friends!

I’m ready for another trip to Hawai’i!
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