The Dangerously Comical And Instructive Case of Dr. M — Gynecologist.
Hooman Noorchashm

Hooman I applaud you. You’ve responded to each point in a very “matter of fact” way. So it confuses why Dr. Marchand cannot understand basic laws of medicine and surgery.

May I also point out that Dr. Marchand contradicts himself? He states,

I perform careful, manual morcellation of ovarian masses with a plastic containment bag and only on masses that meet ACOG criteria of a low chance of malignancy.

but, in his video time on the news, he states that he doesn’t use sharp instruments. Dr. M, if your instruments are able to morcellate a fibroid (which is hard like a superball), then why should we think that your instruments will not puncture the bag? Even a microscopic puncture will cause leakage and spew undiagnosed cancer cells into the peritoneum.

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