The word “design” has so many interpretations and incarnations these days that I was certainly confused about what design means to me. If someone had questioned me before the start of this year regarding what design is, I would have presumably quoted Paul Rand.

Design is relationships. Design is a…

A step towards automating design testing.

Design Systems? Another buzz word? Honestly, I love design systems. They are remarkably essential to building faster, better, robust and consistent products. Having such rules presents designers with space and opportunity to concentrate on more vital components which define their products.

However, design systems oftentimes tend to have several rules…

For our Immersion Studio challenge, we designed an SMS based carpooling chatbot to ensure folks without transportation in rural areas get civically engaged in their communities.

Our design challenge, with the focus on rural communities to increase civic engagement

Immersion studio and project brief

This project was designed in a five-day intensive workshop called Immersion Studio during the first week of the MHCI+D program.

We were assigned…

Saransh Solanki

@uwmhcid. Previously design @bookingcom, @Practo, @BelongCo, @Zomato

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