The word “design” has so many interpretations and incarnations these days that I was certainly confused about what design means to me. If someone had questioned me before the start of this year regarding what design is, I would have presumably quoted Paul Rand.

Design is relationships. Design is a relationship between form and content… Your glasses are round. Your collar is diagonal. These are relationships. Your mouth is an oval. Your nose is a triangle — this is what design is.
- Paul Rand (Kroeger & Weingart, 2012)

Phil Gilbert, from IBM Design, later refined that into a statement…

A step towards automating design testing.

Design Systems? Another buzz word? Honestly, I love design systems. They are remarkably essential to building faster, better, robust and consistent products. Having such rules presents designers with space and opportunity to concentrate on more vital components which define their products.

However, design systems oftentimes tend to have several rules. As many that are nearly humanly impossible for a designer to remember them. Sketch, the design tool which is celebrated as the preferred design tools across the industry, provides a solution in the form of Symbols. Nevertheless, Symbols come with their own set of problems.

Firstly, creating Symbols for complicated…

Virtual reality provides a different dimension of interacting with machines, helping mold a unique universe substituting the real world. I recently got to experience VR applications at the RATLab and never previously had my brain been outwitted and befuddled by simulating emotions as if it were a real­life occurrence.

On first thoughts, I believed it to be the fidelity of the immersive experience that made it feel so real. …

For our Immersion Studio challenge, we designed an SMS based carpooling chatbot to ensure folks without transportation in rural areas get civically engaged in their communities.

Our design challenge, with the focus on rural communities to increase civic engagement

Immersion studio and project brief

This project was designed in a five-day intensive workshop called Immersion Studio during the first week of the MHCI+D program.

We were assigned the task of examining ways of using computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW) to assist people cooperate in acts of civic engagement. Our team, Milaap, targeted the rural inhabitants and sought to solve the woes of lack of transportation which hinders civic participation.

Top 3 Most Popular Bot Design Articles:

1. Why Conversational Context is the Most Powerful Tool…

As designers we strive every single day to solve problems. I personally like to sit with developers and try out new solutions. Going through the source files of our consumer app at Practo I realised that 30% of it comprised of drawables (images, icons, fonts). This amounts to about 3.2 MBs. 200+ drawables. Each drawable in 6 variations. For each dpi. Plus a majority of them weren’t even been used. Having pngs for drawables might be the easy way out but surely not the most optimum one.

Android lately launched its resource for SVG compatibility to back versions as well…

Saransh Solanki

@uwmhcid. Previously design @bookingcom, @Practo, @BelongCo, @Zomato

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