It’s so much fun to play with technology like I just did today. I am on Periscope!!! People all over the world can check in with me when I am live and get an intuitive reading from me, health advice. This is huge!!!

This makes me feel truly blessed. So many times I feel actually drained and like I want to puke after sitting for hours on the computer working on some administrative “shitzu” stuff that I can care less about, yet it needs to get done if I want to contribute to you, whoever is reading this right now. Yes, I’ve figured this out: I need an assistant. Once I get to the Craigslist, I guess I’ll find one — can you tell how quickly any item on the list adds up to the admin stuff on the computer? For the time being, it’s just “me, myself and I” and later it will be: “I’m the artist, you’re the assistant, so please go to Facebook and write that post for me, could you?”

But indeed. It’s the hard truth. I am the artist. Even though my art is not famous yet to the millions of people — yet I love it the most in all sorts of forms. That’s how I am built. I love singing, dancing, playing the gong, singing bowls, painting, making videos, writing silly and serious blog posts, teaching — I LOVE IT ALL! It’s all art.

I love talking to a client and then a day later reading something and knowing that this exactly applies to the health issues she has. It’s almost as if it’s being revealed to me in this mysterious way. How do I know that her digestive issues stem from her bulimic/anorexic tendencies? I just know. And of course during the next session — I am going to ask and confirm that. How do I know? It’s the inner knowing that I’ve had since I was little. I just knew things before they even occurred, before any glimpse of it whatsoever. Things unseen, that nobody spoke to me about.

I started reading when I was 3. When I was 6 years old, I cut out my first deck from a magazine that printed them inside to “develop intuition”. My mom would take me to a psychic reader and once, I asked what they were doing. When she told me, I just looked at her, and just said: “Ok, I’m going to do this: tell people about their future.”

So here I am. Many years later doing just that. Sigh… And a couple of other things as well.