Insomnia At The Devil’s Hour

Every religious people say “3:00 AM is the evil hour,bad souls will come to you easily”. You can hear this same quote in various horror movies too,something cliche. Well,i’m an insomniac and i’m always awake at this hour and…what happens???? where are the bad souls trying to possess or kill me?? WHAT A BULLSHIT!

But if you want something weird to happen,yes there’s a lot of dickheads who want to fuck themselves with paranormal illusions,just go to your desktop or pick up your laptop,tablet,smartphone…whatever! And go read something about Goetia and try to make a conjuring. BUT…You won’t be able do do this. Why??? Because you’re a stupid bastard! No no,i’m kidding,you just need to buy a lot of things to do a Goetian conjuring,and it may be very expensive. So,it’s very simple: If you’re poor and looking for a scary joy…GIVE UP BUDDY,YOU’RE A SILLY THING!

Well,i just need to ask you something: Why are you awake at this hour?? you should be sleeping,kid!! Stop with these awful PC games,League Of Legends is something for losers and Mc Donald’s goers and you don’t wanna be a loser,right?? Oh,you should stop with junk food,it’s not good for your health…Ok,who cares about health?? It’s bad for your shape,you need to be hot,my friend! That’s why you’re still a virgin,you go to Mc Donald’s and Burguer King every single day! (Yes,i’m watching you at this right moment) Oh,you’re a girl?? That’s ok,but i still won’t be pious,it’s for the both genders. But if you’re a virgin girl,stop eating chocolate and cake while watching your stupid TV shows as Pretty Little Liars or something for sissy. Go watch Breaking Bad,CSI,South Park or The Walking Dead;it will be good for your self esteem :D

Ok,you may thinking i’m a stupid machist (I’m a girl,why should i be machist???),but i’m a feminist,a huge feminist. Well,i’m not a “feminazi” but i follow the philosophy and concepts of “The league”. I’m just telling these things because it’s ridiculous a guy giving his body and soul to PC games and it’s pretty awful a girl doin’ girl’s things. Haha,okok i’m a complete weirdo,can you take me to the mental asylum??

So,where did i stop?? Oh,if you’re poor and don’t have something scary and cool to do at 3:00 AM,you may asking yourself “What can i do now?” (Or not,because you don’t give a damn about my stupid advices). Well,you must drink a good coffee (Starbucks is open at this hour?),watch Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s sex tape or even masturbate thinking about Boy George. Oh,you’re a girl,right? I think i have a job for you…DO THE SAME!! HAHA! Why not?? Boy George was very pretty in the 80's,i don’t care if he was a sort of transvestite and Pamela Anderson…she was very hot too (Now she looks like a drag queen hooker. I’m sorry Pam,but i still like you)

You may asking yourself how an apparently sweet and innocent girl is writing something dirty like this. Have you ever listened to the quote “Appearance deceives”??? Haha,it applies very much to my lifestyle. Ok,i’m a quiet “nerd” girl who likes to read and something but…I have a behaviour of a dude,talk lots of crap and…I DON’T EVEN CARE,FUCK OFF!! You’re being homophobic,haha! But what homophobia has to do with this? yeah,i don’t fuckin’ know,i’m just writing random things. But if you’re still bored with “What to do at 3:00 AM??”…It’s time to give up,because it’s 4:17 AM now (Well,at least in my country) and i have something important to do rather than give crappy advices to depraved losers like you.

Kisses in the leg,i hope you liked it.

— Mirella C. Santos,just another dumbshit in this fuckin’ world

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