The Jawless Man

My name is Mia Lanes and i’ll tell you a weird event that happened to me. Yesterday i had returned home after a long day of study,so far so good. But all started to be strange after 2:00 AM,when i went to sleep.

I was almost falling asleep when suddenly i felt as it my soul was trying to get out of my body. Enjoying my moment of insomnia, i decided to turn on my computer and watch something on Youtube. There, i typed the word “Creepy” and saw a video that called my attention, on its “cover” was a picture of a guy without his jaw. So i clicked there.

Apparently the video wasn’t so terrifying, at least until reach the end. And there was the Jawless Man and his sad and hideous story. I stared at him for several minutes and was scared to death,i almost cried and even gave a weak shout,because i didn’t want to wake my family.

After the event, i listened to Tyrannosaurus Rex and Michael Jackson to calm me down, i felt more peaceful after this. However i went to the kitchen to make a coffee and HE was there. i shouted again (This time loudly) and ran back to my room.

My mother,scared,asked me what was happening. I just said i took a soft scare. She looked at me kinda suspicious and went back to sleep.

Meanwhile i sat in my bed, staring at the wall. He WAS THERE, i could swear! But i decided to forget what just happened and went to sleep.

In the next day, i didn’t go to college and went to an internet café to spend the lost time. There,i opened the Google Images and searched “The Jawless Man”,then i saw the photo one more time. At that time it didn’t give me the sensation of malaise,but of peace and harmony. What was going on,after all?

I felt very better and with my state of mind recovered, but i saw him again. He was by my side,observing me. I noticed that no one there realized his presence,only me.

Desperate, i paid the employee and went looking for something else to do. When i stopped at a park to rest,i found him AGAIN. He walked toward me and said,with a strange voice: “ Don’t be scared, i am you.” And then i thought: “I should stop taking acid”.

  • Sorry for my weak english,i’m trying my best
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