Hetty La


It is easy to misconstrue this point when you feel personally criticized by these “political” pieces.

Equality activists are not anti-white, they are anti-white-racism and most importantly, anti-institutional-racism-that-favors-white-people-and-kicks-minorities-to-the-ground.”

Another self-righteous Black supremacist spewing sanitized, euphemized nonsense to justify her own racism, hatred and refusal to face up to her race’s shortcomings.


“Anti-White racism?? How dare you!! Only brown and Black people are permitted to play the victim card! Only brown and Black people are exempt from being called racists, because they’ve unilaterally redefined the word “racism” with some nonsense about power — which has zero to do with the definition of racism. How convenient.

It is easy to fly into a racist rage for Blacks who feel personally criticized when asked to take responsibility for their own actions (or lack thereof). After all, everything bad that happens to a “POC” is always Whitey’s fault.

Black supremacists ARE anti-White racist hypocrites; they apply the racist “White privilege” label liberally whenever it suits them, then whip out the victim card and whine about “institutional racism” rather than face up to and deal with their own social problems and dysfunctionality, which they conveniently blame on Whites. When confronted with their own racism, they respond like Ms La and backpedal, claiming they are just “activists” who only want “equality” with those same Evil Whites that they blame for everything. Now why would they want to become the same racial punching bags they’ve made out of Whites?

The only existing “institutional racism” really favours Black supremacy rather than White: “affirmative action” programs, job ads that end with “[POC] strongly encouraged to apply” and getting in to colleges with a 400 pt. lower SAT score than other races are only a few of many examples. These and other examples of institutionalized favouritism (racism) favouring Blacks are conveniently swept under the rug when it comes time to play the victim and race cards again.

These Black supremacists have it all figured out: blame Whitey for everything, from a stubbed toe to events that took place half a millennium ago, and use Whitey as a racial scapegoat to deflect attention from their own racial shortcomings, which include the highest rate of criminality of all races, substandard academic achievement, violent supremacy, and virulent self-entitlement to racism. And since they’ve decided that all Whites are so “privileged”, this makes Whites fair game for Black racist assaults, and they can’t fight back. Having their cake and eating it too is a favourite pastime of the racist supremacist.

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