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First of all, the real racist in this story is its author. And the worst part is that he’s the dumbest kind of racist — the kind who vilifies his own race by using racist terms like “White privilege”.

Let’s look at this scenario more objectively. I have 25 years experience as a computer consultant as well. I used to make house calls for several years, for both corporate and private clients. I live in a very multicultural city, so my customers were of all races and ages. I’m also an older person who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. The reception I received in different homes often varied based on the culture, age or race of the clients. Unlike you, I maintained a professional attitude and didn’t take their treatment of me personally. And I certainly wasn’t unprofessional enough to write public, racist screeds about my clients, even under pseudonyms.

Your portrayal of “Dirk” is suspect and I believe exaggerated — a caricature of a stereotypical White bigot. Do you remember the show “All In The Family” and a character named Archie Bunker? The exaggerated way in which you describe Dirk is precisely the same as the Archie Bunker character, who was created for the purpose of making fun of bigots and raising awareness about racism (which was the sole reason Carroll O’Connor agreed to play the role). My guess is that in reality, “Dirk” made one or two antiquated and ignorant remarks that offended you, so you decided to build a whole straw man about him “only getting his information from Fox” and mentioning this fact over and over again. Who really does that? A racist belabouring a stereotype for the purpose of attacking their hated race. Sane people realize that Archie is a cartoon stereotype, and the same should apply to your fictional character “Dirk”.

Do you remember the theme song of All in the Family? “Those Were the Days”. The choice of theme was no accident. The Archie Bunker character, like “Dirk” grew up in the middle of the 20th century, during and after WWII. It appears that Dirk grew up in the same era, based on his age. During that time, racism was considered normal. We may not like this today, but back then it was socially acceptable. I still remember as a child in the early seventies trading racist jokes with schoolmates. We didn’t know any better because that was the standard in those days. But of course, Mr. Superior Anti-White Racist commits the logical fallacy of judging those from a past era by modern standards.

Speaking of past eras, as an old person myself, I can tell you that once you reach a certain age you spend a lot more time reminiscing about the past and longing for “simpler times”. As health and strength decline, you become more fearful of falling, or accidents, or being caught by a mugger on the streets. When you’re old, you can’t fight back or run away. This is why I highly doubt your tale about this man supposedly shooting a Black mugger. He’d have been in jail if he had done so, not in his home telling you all about it. And there’s no reason you couldn’t post a link to the news story, if it exists. I suspect that you’ve grossly exaggerated that story just as you have everything else about this man and his wife. No man in his late eighties who can barely move his neck and just had heart surgery is capable of gunning down a mugger of any race. He may have told you about an encounter with a mugger, but it’s unlikely to have happened the way you describe it. Either he’s exaggerating, or you are.

Finally, there’s your own racism. You tell an isolated and anecdotal tale about one elderly couple’s bigotry — fine. But then you extrapolate their behaviour to every White person on the planet, by use of the racist slur “White privilege”. That’s where you cross the line from “raising awareness about the bigotry of one old couple” to “stereotypically vilifying every member of the White race”.

Are you going to tell us the tale of the Black mugger who attacked a frail old White man, and equate that with stereotypical “Black criminality”? I won’t hold my breath.

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