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“Gang” is not the best term to describe Antifa. “Extremists” is a much better word. Why? Because Antifa behaves in the exact same manner as Islamist extremists ISIS and Al Qaeda. They are terrorists, plain and simple. They and ISIS both fight for the political gain of the entities they serve.

Things Antifa and Islamists have in common are as follows:
- their dress and face masks are nearly identical
- their attacks are indiscriminate, anyone who even appears to oppose them (such as wearing the wrong colour of clothing or the wrong haircut) is quickly attacked. The purpose is to strike fear into the public.
- their beliefs are fanatical to say the least. For them, the end always justifies the means
- they are composed primarily of ignorant, disaffected, unemployed youth with nothing better to do and a huge chip on their shoulders, blaming everyone else in the world for their shortcomings.
- they are full of resentment and hatred, and feel disconnected from society at large
- they claim to follow an ideology (Islam or Communism) yet they are ignorant of the actual teachings of their chosen ideology
- they serve as useful idiots or stormtroopers for a larger power (Soros-Antifa, Muslim Brotherhood — ISIS)
- both organizations are global in scope

There is already a petition with the US government to have Antifa declared a terrorist organization and have Soros’ assets frozen for funding a terror organization. The sooner this happens, the better, because it’s the only way Antifa extremists and their master will be stopped. Antifa needs to be viewed as a more serious threat and not just some urban street gang.

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