DEATH WISH: Hollywood Declares All White Men Part of Alt-Right
Styx Einzig

This is just another facet of the cultural genocide being perpetrated against Whites. In the entertainment industry it manifests itself in “reboots” of traditionally White franchises and storylines. On television there is now a rash of “rebooted” game shows of the seventies, with White hosts and contestants being replaced by Blacks. Reality shows like the Bachelorette are now switching to Black protagonists. Movies are being remade in the non-White image, with White male characters replaced by non-Whites, especially female non-Whites. Old movies made before the civil rights era fare even worse. They aren’t being remade, just censored altogether. Currently there is a furor over Gone With The Wind “glorifying slavery” so now it is to be censored — this despite the fact that it was the first ever movie to feature an Academy award winning performance by a Black woman. Soon we will be hearing of other movies and books from the early to mid twentieth century being banned.

And then there is the continual leftist chatter about “Jane Bond” and “Black James Bond. They could easily create a new Black and/or female spy character, but the goal is not to improve the Bond character or create more interesting plot lines, but to perpetrate White cultural genocide. All classic White characters are fair game in this cultural pogrom.

Finally, you can’t completely eradicate White entertainment without eradicating White literature, art and history along with it. Now we see statues of everyone from Robert E. Lee to Christopher Columbus being torn down. This new trend is spreading from the US to other countries. Canada’s Indigenous peoples are now on the warpath (pun intended) to tear down all statues of anyone who might have offended them centuries ago. There will be no end to the PC complainants coming forward demanding the takedown of more statues (along with a bushel or two of cash “reparations”). Once statues have been torn down, book burning will be soon to follow, along with torching the libraries that house them. Next it will be art galleries being burnt down to eradicate famous works by White artists. It won’t take long before the cultural lynch mob destroys every piece of White history, entertainment, literature and art.

If all of this doesn’t remind you of anyone, it should. Lynch mobs come in all extremist flavours. These leftist extremists are following the exact same playbook as their fellow extremists — ISIS. ISIS has a penchant for destroying historical antiquities and libraries as well.

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