This is interesting in that Progressives in America tout the Canadian system and those of us who…

Whenever I read Americans praising our health system (using the word “care” gives them too much credit) I always try to dispel people’s illusions. And I didn’t even touch on the fact that almost all Canadian medical facilities are dependent on, and beholden to, wealthy private donors. Those donors get to dictate who gets treated and for which condition, since it’s their money after all. Because of this, Canadian hospitals are studded with shining, palatial glass wards with some rich donor’s name plastered all over them, dedicated solely to one of the two “privileged” conditions which already receive the lion’s share of public funding: cancer or heart disease. It’s quite an experience to walk from inside one of these glamour palaces to the plebeian, run down part of the hospital where the “other half” gets treated, and see dirty, blood spattered floors and stretchers with patients lined up in the corridors. Hospitals are also forced to run trashy lotteries each year to fund themselves, because of the lack of public funding.

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