Buying Sand for Construction

After acquiring all the permissions I now had to procure Sand — which is as good as buying gold. It has a lot of regulations and lot of scrutiny and a lot of illegal mining. To curb all such practices the government of Telangana devised a noble plan — regulate the sale of sand.

In Telangana, if you need to buy Sand you’ll have to register yourself here and then making a payment online, proceed to the stockyard (which can be anywhere)and choose a lorry that is willing to transport it to your location — which is a hassle, for you’ll save only a few thousands but a day or more can be lost.

What we did instead is headed to the closest stockyard, near to our site of construction, at 4 am (that’s when the trucks start to arrive or have already arrived) and started checking the stocks available at the parking yard. The reason we arrived at 4am was to avoid all the small yard-brokers who will be involved in the sale of the sand and instead directly source it from the buyer.

These trucks are sent by buyers(big brokers)who register using ID cards of various people and send their trucks to source the sand from the area of mining and send them to the major yards in and around the city.

So managed to bargain a 23 tonne truck filled with sand for Rs. 1200 approx/ tonne while the official bill issued was for 500/tonne, the buyers add the cost of transport to the bill, labour charges and their profits and mark it up to 1200/tonne.

Things to keep in mind before buying,

  1. The truck should not be leaking water for pouring water in the sand increases the weight of the truck by more than a tonne and you end up paying more instead.
  2. Always get the truck weighed in front of you with the drivers off the truck and at a Weigh Bridge away from the yard. Make sure, you choose it at random.
  3. Brokers generally charge a commission on the price or if you are smart enough and are aware of the rates, they charge around 1000 for every truck delivered by them.
  4. The labour that comes with the truck to unload it are the responsibility of the the truck driver and not yours, the 1200 is inclusive of all the labour charges.
  5. Also, the cost of the getting the truck weighed will be borne by the truck driver.