I choose Resilience

In the past I have always carried the idea that there was nothing I couldn’t learn, it only depends on the time and effort I put to it. So having that kind of mindset helped reassuring me at each turn of change in the course of this bootcamp. As we all know change is the only constant thing in life, as such when change happens the most successful people embrace change and get on with life as soon as possible.

it is not the strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable

Having high self awareness, the deliberate introduction of the skill session on growth mindset at the beginning of the bootcamp by the learning team as helped me adapt in the past week.
Attaining mastery in any subject area in the past for me was basically , learning by repetition say two to three months of constant learning and practicing, seeking help from those who have been there before me and finding someone to teach. The challenge there was that I could still follow this path to excellence at this bootcamp but I didn't have the time I used to have in the past for repetition (five to ten days). That made me question my learning style, and I had to adjust to learning on the fly, doing just what I needed to accomplish each stage of the task to be completed and not being overwhelmed by the mountain of what was left to know.

When I hit a block, I understood that it is okay not to be an instant success, hence it allowed me collaborate with my team members and share ideas and solutions. It also helped frame that individually we all had different journey to learning. It has also helped me to understand that I can accomplish my goal, since there are others that have done it before me, the bootcamp facilitator assistants.

Part of adaptation means something has to give in, I love to sleep well, but sleep in the past one week had to be put in the important but not urgent quadrant and that for me has been a huge sacrifice. I am here this second week having not gotten to extinction based on how I have embraced change, so yes I have adapted, and I would say its been fun, challenging and revealing. I feel like a new release.

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