Having had the bootcamp project specifications since last week Tuesday, and needing to submit an output by yesterday, coupled with using a laptop with a bad fan, I had to deprive myself of sleep a night before bootcamp starts.

I got to the bootcamp venue, greeted fellow participants and settled down to start work for the day. Then, I find myself in a Murphy’s law situation, my LAPTOP won’t come on, the same laptop that I had used to push my code few hours before getting to the venue. Moving on, I had to go back home to get a backup laptop.

The session had started by the time I got back. The facilitators ran us through what to expect, and what was expected of us as outputs. We were asked to watch some videos. From the videos, I learnt about version control which helps developers collaborate, have backup and view their project history. It is expected that the bootcamp would be challenging so we also watch videos on growth mindset, I learnt that having the right mindset at all time is almost the first step and an important step in facing a challenge and that there is nothing I cant learn so long as I keep an open mind, ask and implement feedback. The video on test driven development ( TDD ) helped me to understand that by practicing TDD, my thought process would be expanded as I would be forced to think about all that can possibly go wrong with my code. TDD also makes finding errors easier.

After the videos session, we were divided into groups and I interacted with my group members and my bootcamp facilitator ( ‘god’ ). By interacting with them, I get to know their names and some interesting things about them. Then, there was a review of the UI design we submitted and I proceeded to implementing the programming logic question, I also redesigned my UI based on the reviews from my facilitator.

So far, the bootcamp project has introduced me to a new project managing tool, pivotal tracker, which I used to write users stories based on the project features.

Challenging and fast paced as it maybe, the bootcamp has so far been a great learning experience and I look forward to more learning.

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