So far so good.

I am back again guys, and I can evidently tell you that no two days is ever the same in this bootcamp. My knowledge capacity has been expanded just from yesterday’s task and today the task is no different, so much to learn, so much you don’t know. I think the movement from not knowing to knowing is exciting as challenging and daunting it may be, but the excitement gives me so much drive.

Yesterday, I had to model a real life scenario exemplifying object oriented programming. So I sampled out the case of a building that has some parent properties, and children class of residential or commercial that inherits from it. Doing this task I understood what inheritance, children having all the properties of a parent class, encapsulation, properties are shared and can be overridden by specific changes made. and abstraction which is data hiding to reduce complexity. The task also opened me to ES6 classes arrow function, inheritance with super etc.

To work on the bootcamp project requires the knowledge of HTTP web services to write our API endpoint, so far I have learnt about the get method that allows us fetch or retrieve information from the database, the post method allows us post entries to the database, patch to update some part of an existing database information and lastly delete to delete as the name implies. Learning about database to create models, I understood the logical structure for data storage and retrieval.

I was faced with several blockers today and I must say that my fellow bootcampers were great as they helped out in the ways the could, I have to shout out to rex though, he hit it for me. Working as a team helps us leverage on each other strength and that is part of what Andela preaches as its value, I understood how that helps today.

Week one is ending tomorrow, the race is still long for me at the moment of the write up, but I am not giving now, not ever till I get the prize.

Cheers to week two!!!!

“The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.”

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