Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I’d really like to keep my spending low this weekend, given that I’ve been spending a lot lately. (Trip to NYC + my birthday + other shenanigans).

I just bought some stuff on Amazon, but it was just stuff for my pantry and cleaning supplies, so I’m going to start the count post-Amazon.

I’m eating lunch in the office today, and doing a big grocery shop after work. I think it will be $125. Tonight we’re going to eat dinner at a friend’s, I’m cooking enchiladas, yum.

Tomorrow I’m going to my friend’s baby shower. I’m in charge of the photobooth. It’s a pretty bootleg operation: my laptop, a tablecloth I’m hanging up (for lack of a sheet) and some decorative poms. I am not sure if I will need to pick up anything last minute for it — $10 just in case? Also, I want to swing by a crafts market and I’ve had my eye on a few things there, so I may spend $50 there. For dinner I will just eat in with the husband.

On Sunday, I think I’ll be mostly hanging around the house, cooking and cleaning. So $0, but in case I need to pick up anything at the grocery store, I’ll throw in $25.

Total = $210, hopefully less!

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