Monday Check-In!
Meghan Nesmith

Thanks for being honest! It’s interesting to read someone’s check-in and their accompanying feelings about the money they spent.

Here’s my check-in, with very little feelings involved: on Friday after work I went on a 3-mile walk, which was lovely. I bought bottled water for $1.50. Then went home, made dinner, and spent the rest of the day inside. On Saturday, I picked up a fancy coffee for $4.50. That evening, my husband and I went to a gala for his work — lots of yummy free food! Yesterday, I went grocery shopping ($82) and then met up with some friends to walk on the beach. They bought me dinner, which was really sweet of them. I also put $28 worth of gas in my car.

I estimated $75, but forgot to include groceries. My total was $116. Not bad!

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