Sära Anna
Feb 11, 2017 · 1 min read

I met this child across the fence
He was peeking at me behind his doll
A smile like an open concert on his face
Little heart dimples, deep and sincere

His sweet hazelnut eyes, what have they seen?
How many the miles in the arms of his father?
How many the ones he travelled on foot?
He, a Spartan warrior crossing the Aegean Sea

And again
From the embrace of his mother, to that of Morpheus
Pushing along a river of humans
Were you dreaming of your Ithaca?

Of your family beyond the last labour?
Of your marbles lying on the seabed
And a foreign land your new playground?
A candid innocence wrapped in coloured shrouds

Hold your roots tight, you’ll bring them to life
In your new home
With doors wide open
Everybody is welcome.

Sära Anna

Written by

Documentaries, photostories, current affairs, human rights, statelessness and immigration. Shop art at:

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