Rotimatic, Kapda aur makaan

Roti, kapada aur makaan. The three basic ingredients for a content life, they say back home. Yet 12 years ago, when I moved from Hyderabad to Illinois for a “better” life, the first thing I gave up on was the humble roti.

I did everything that the quintessential working-mom does, juggled board meetings and soccer games, client dinners and movie nights, leafy meals and dessert-binges. Basically, I did my best. I didn’t emulate my mom, though. Among all the traits I picked from her, making phulkas wasn’t one. But, boy did I miss them! That’s why I am so attached to my Rotimatic.

A young lady (probably my 12-year younger self) Pranoti moved to Singapore and found it very exhausting to make rotis after tiring days at work. Sounds familiar, right? Only that she did not give up. She decided to take matters into her own hands (quite literally, she’s a mechanical engineer) and came up with a crazy idea of making a roti-robot!

Here’s what it took to make this seemingly naive dream, a reality:

At a time, when the world is in awe of technology that lets them control the TV and lights from a phone. I vote for a robot that makes me rotis on demand!

Hearty meal with Rotimatic rotis

Edit: For anyone contemplating buying one, here are 5 things I would share:

  1. The machine is 20 odd kgs and roughly the size of a microwave. Find a permanent place for it in your kitchen or on your dining table.
  2. The machine works like magic! It’s amazing to see all the processes being carried out — there’s a window for you to peep-in and enjoy. But, it is a little noisy every time a new cycle begins. Be prepared and you will get used to it. The noise is much lower than your blenders etc.
  3. The rotis are AMAZING! At least for me and my family. I use Aashirwad aata as per the menu on the machine. My rotis are soft and thin enough (not the really thin ones that my mother in law makes), my kids take it in tiffin too.
  4. It’s a young company and sometimes there’s delay in their response to my mails and chats. I feel good being a part of their growing stage. But then again, I am too much in love with the machine.
  5. We waited for 3 years, you may have to wait for 3 months or so. We paid about $600, you will have to pay about $1000. Let’s just say Rotimatic knows its worth!