How AIESEC helped me succeed my university year

I used to hear a lot of “ your “extracurricular activities” will only distract you from your studies. “ A sentence which kept me away from engaging with any kind of organization. Little did I know , I was missing the special boost that will fuel my university life. By being an active AIESEC member; I was also being a responsible and a successful student and this is why :

Setting short-term goals: In order to stay focused, I wake up every day to a list of tasks that will measure my success for the day, a habit that I absorbed in AIESEC when volunteering as a team leader. Being in charge of a team is a responsibility: dispatching tasks and collectively setting short-term goals kept us on the right track: That is effectively productive.

Meeting deadlines: I overcame the fear of deadlines when I realized that they to push me towards achieving my goals. They are not restrictive as much as they are encouraging since they helped me prioritize my work. Being trained on their importance, I started creating my own reasonable deadlines and proudly respecting them .

Solution-focused Thinking : I don’t have to be in a crisis to exercise these skills . In fact, my everyday challenges require me to be solution-oriented; I used to cringe in front of problems, spend too much time worrying without really moving towards a solution. Shortcomings of my university life no longer seem as complex and irremediable as they used to be.

Self-motivation: It has been a very long time since I last felt demotivated . In fact, I no longer believe this state even exists! It all started when I spotted my moments of strength and they are when I am most of value ! Knowing my worth and what I am capable of achieving generated all the power I needed to face my final stressful university years .

Challenging myself : Being in AIESEC means being in an environment where you’re constantly challenged to be better and do better. An environment that gives birth to innovation and creativity. What seems to be unimaginably hard, is now possible !

Going beyond my limits : For a long time ,I took it for granted that I cannot focus for more than X-hours or I can only excel when I work solo or that I am not a patient human being . Funny, right? Every single pre-conceived idea I had about myself turned out to be wrong ! I found out that I did not even know myself because I did not challenge my limits. Through its experiential learning technique, AIESEC taught me that the journey of self-discovery never ends !

AIESEC is for students and recent graduates only. If you’re not joining now , you are REALLY missing it ! ( we do not provide time-traveling services ; but we provide practical leadership experiences which is a thousand times better )


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