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Your Photos can do More

Discover ways your professional portfolio can work for you.

Not many years ago, we used to gather around a coffee table flipping through a book filled with 4X6 strips of colours on glossy paper. Every picture had a story to share, an emotion to express, a time to remember. We would buy magazines, posters and calendars to discover great photos, places and people. A photo then was not just about sharing, it was a celebration.

Zoom in to now, and we are all transmitting billions of binary numbers to each other and to our digital imprinted lives on social, blogs and beyond. We look, we like, we share, we forget. From memorable moments to rejoice over and over, we’ve somehow discovered sharing in ‘disappearing’.

For professionals in photography & media, many have their professional portfolios blurred with their personal volume, their friends with genuine admirers. In search of a better audience, a few break away from these personal social sites and settle with professional photo sharing communities that offer more of the same capabilities.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps your million expressions are fragmented and professional workflow scattered around myriad of unintegrated systems & services. You use some for your resume, some to share, some to find work and few more to spare.

When your life is about photos, your photos should do more.

The fabric of Clustrr is based upon this idea. Crafted for creatives, Clustrr aims to provide you with a beautiful yet functional place that unifies the professional & social boundaries — where your professional portfolio goes beyond sharing and helps you find work — where you can find someone to work with or credit someone who helped you – where you discover workshops and photo walks nearby or invite people to celebrate your occasion – where you can learn from the brilliance of other creatives, or share your own beautiful stories.

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