List of Awesome MacOS Menubar Apps 2018 👨🏻‍💻

So you liked the last list? Awesome, I have a new list of MenuBar apps for MacOS users. I know how much you guys love Menubar apps, so why not right. Best thing is, all the apps in this list are either open source or free. So let’s get started 🏃🏻‍♂️

1. Itsycal 📆

🔗 Github Link: Itsycal

This app is my personal favorite. Simple yet does everything you need to do with a calendar app. You add, edit or view any event and link it with your calendar. It’s Design is customizable. It also has a Dark theme. Btw if you are in to productivity, highly recommend you to check my latest article on morning routines

2. Katana ✂️

🔗 Github Link: Katana

Such a powerful tool but not that popular, we have Katana on our list next. If you take a lot of screenshots and your desktop is always full of screenshots check Katana out. It automatically uploads the screenshot and copies the link on your clipboard. No More Clustered Desktop.

3. CoinBar 💵

🔗 Github Link: CoinBar

Yup! Small nifty tool for tracking the price of crypto coins. It has list of all the coins and you can create your own list also. It supports 33 base currencies conversions. Also, the menu bar icon flashes when new data is available. It’s cool, check it out if you are into Crypto Currencies.

4. Dat Weather Doe 🌦

🔗 Github Link: DatWeatherDoe

This apps helps you see the current weather in your menubar. It has very cool icons, to represent current weather, that supports both dark and light theme. You can choose location by gps or zipcode. Every handy.

5. MenuMeters 📈

🔗 Github Link: MenuMeters

I can tell you, this was the best find. All the other MenuMeter apps were paid but this one is free and Open Source. It has a lot of customisation that you can play around with like color, type of reading, visualisation of data etc.

6. SpotMenu 🎵

🔗 Github Link: SpotMenu

Now manage your music with your menubar. You can manage music from both Spotify and Itunes. There are many menubar music apps out there but this one is best so far. Enjoy your music 😊

📝 Note: If you like listening Movie’s Soundtracks while working, check this article out.

7. Caffeine ☕️

🔗 Download Link: Caffeine

What coffee does to your mind, this app does to your computer. It keeps your computer awake for as long you want. Very handy when you are downloading something. Use activate for Indefinitely and find you files downloaded when you come back.

7. Noizio 🧘🏻‍♂️

🔗 Download Link: Noizio

Who likes White Noise? WE !! This app is my personal fav, weather you are having a hardcore focus work session or taking a quick nap. This small app got all the sounds you need. Give it try you won’t regret downloading it.

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