There are thousand of markdown lovers. So we got a lot of good apps in the market that we can use. But I personally like two apps because they are free, full of features and easy to use. These are MOU and MACDOWN.


Mou is quite popular, but macdown is new. Macdown is actually an advance version of Mou. It got some extra features, then mou , but it also got all the features that mou have. Lets discuss some of them side by side.


Both editors have same css options. But Macdown got some extra features here. Like the syntax highlighting for different programming languages. It got 6 different themes you can use.

Syntax highlighting in Macdown

MOU: 0 / Macdown : 1

Various language support in Mou

Mou have CJK character support so you can easily write in languages like Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Macdown don’t have this feautre.

MOU: 1 / Macdown : 1

Both got auto completion

Both editors have word completion. Just hit Esc and you will get all the suggestions.

MOU: 1 / Macdown : 1

Tumblr and scriptogram integration in Mou

Mou have another good feature that is missing in Macdown and its Tumblr and scriptogram integration.

MOU: 2 / Macdown : 1

Up: Macdown
Down: Mou

Macdown has Task list support. You can convert your markdown editor into Todo list now. You can enable this feature from Prefernces > Rendering . Mou don’t have this feature.

MOU: 2 / Macdown : 2

Up: Macdown
Down: Mou

Markdown have Smartypant support.The Smartypants extension automatically transforms stright quotes (“ and ‘) in your text into typographer’s quotes (“, ”, ‘, and ’) according to the context. Mou don’t have this feature.

MOU: 2 / Macdown : 3

Tex-like and Jekyll support

Its has fully access to Tex-like (Math syntax) and Jekyll. Mou support Tex-like but not jekyll.

MOU: 2 / Macdown : 4

Mou can export as PDF and HTML but Macdown can export in HTML format only.

MOU: 3/ Macdown : 4

So for me Macdown is more beneficial but i also love Mou. Both editors are powerful. These are small programs so you can have both if you like.

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