A Letter to My Daughter About Young Men
Benjamin Sledge

Beautiful article Benjamin, thanks for sharing! I’ve been a single father for 18 years to my little boy who has now grown into an honorable young man. When he hit his mid teens he rebelled hard and I had to really buckle down firmly in my principles at the risk of losing him to the destructive influences of “the pack”.

I am happy to say that because of the foundation he had throughout his life, this rebellious period was short lived and he quickly turned himself around. Also, this experience lead me to produce the most intimate song I have ever written: Baby Boy - a single father responds to teenage rebellion.


Baby Boy — a single father responds to teenage rebellion.

Because the song is so very personal, out of respect for my son I presented it to him in advance before releasing it and gave him editorial rights and veto power to edit the lyrics if he chose.

He came back to me a week later and told me that although it’s hard for him to hear this song, the words are true so please release it as it is so that our experience may help others.

This of course made me all the more proud of him. Putting others before himself.

Love and Blessings to you and the Family.

Keep shining brightly!