by the time she made it to the upper ranks of the boy’s club, she’s just one of the boys.
Had Bernie been Bernadette — The heartbreaking truth about American patriarchy
Lauren Besser

“… by the time she made it to the upper ranks of the boy’s club, she’s just one of the boys.”

Beautiful insight perfectly expressed Lauren!

This is exactly what happens all too often to those who have long lived under oppression. In their path to rise within the power structure they lose the very essence of their being. Like the “Black” person in america that becomes more and more “white” in an attempt to “succeed”, changing their speech, their clothes and their culture to be accepted by the power structure.

In 1996 when Madeline Albright was asked about the preventable death of over 500,000 Iraqi children due to sanctions after the first Gulf War, I was shocked by her response. Without any visible maternal instinct she quickly dismissed the precious lives of all of these children saying that “We think the price is worth it”.

Where is the feminine power in this? And more importantly, where is the humanity? Often what is trumpeted as “feminism” is simply women trying to become more like men. Which is oxymoronic.

In the Black American struggle there is a word for this psychosis: “Oreo … Black on the outside, white on the inside”. A person may be female on the outside but if they are acting with the same mentality as men then how is that progress for femininity?

The is classic “divide and conquer”. I remember trying to get people to take a good look at the revolutionary policies of Dr. Ron Paul (Audit the Fed, dismantling the IRS). It was so difficult because they would say “I like Ron Paul but there’s no way I’m voting for another white man from Texas. We have the chance at our first Black president”. I was weary of Obama for the same reason I am weary of Clinton ie: They both appear to be great politicians that live in the pockets of the Banksters.

When we as a people awaken from the illusion of bodily association (the false idea that “I am my body”), we will truly have a chance to break free from these psychological prisons and create the beautiful world that we all want so dearly.

Thank you for the wonderful writing!

With Love!

Sasa Hasid RA

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