Perhaps that makes your blood run cold.
Is America Undergoing a Fascist Collapse?
umair haque

What makes my “blood run cold” is the deceptive use of a photo from 2014 to admonish President Trump. Yes, this photo shows the detainment of immigrant children under the Obama administration. The article cited under the dramatic link “build camps in which to imprison little children” states clearly under the caption — “June 18th, 2014, file photo”.

What also makes my “blood run cold” is the fact that so many who are “up in arms” now about the detainment of immigrants were the same ones who were quiet for 8 years as the Obama administration deported almost 2 million people, earning Obama the title “Deporter in Cheif”. Here’s a 2014 article from the Latin American Coalition which in protest of the separation of families.

It may fool many to use Obama era photos to push an anti- Trump agenda but it ultimately hurts the cause because, when revealed, it really makes the entire article look like smear propaganda.

Just saying…