I just killed a cockroach!

I am afraid of cockroaches. But I usually flee from them rather than killing them. Today, it was rather an awful day. Had an argument with DD for no reason. Got disappointed with myself for not completing today’s to-do list.

And there I was sulking at the table trying to concentrate, while this cockroach began to fly around. It gave me chills around the neck. But today, I was not afraid. I was angry to the core. I got a newspaper rolled up and smacked it as hard as I could. And that’s how I killed the cockroach.

Still fuming I sat down, watching it twitching, never to move again. That didn’t give me any satisfaction, but made me contemplate about my own actions and about my anger.

Disgusting though it was, a random cockroach became an outlet of my fury. Killing a cockroach is something normal. No animal right activist to talk against it. Not publishable by law. It’s almost hilarious to think of such instances. However, there is one common element which is there in this act of killing and all the other instances where we lose control. It all happens because of anger.

How many times have we lashed out on others, maybe without a good reason? How many of our closest family and friends become victims of our fury, just because we had bad days?

I wish I hadn’t killed the cockroach. I could have just let it be or called my brother for assistance. I could have just get it out of my room. Anger makes bad days worse.

I write because I love words. It could be some random incident like this which made me sit and think. Or it could be some imaginary tale about dragons. I love words and how it makes me feel. I love words because creation is magical. Carpe Diem, until we meet again.

Image courtesy : https://www.pinterest.com/sweets14jal/me-on-monday-mornings/