What the Gecko saw…

Beside my study stable there resides a Gecko appearing and disappearing from time time. If I leave my leftover tea unattended, I could spot the little guy taking a sip at times. If I see this, I have to remain very still and not make any movement at all, so he wouldn’t be frightened.

In one of those frozen moments, I just wondered what the Gecko saw in me… I usually get very stressed with exams. My table is almost always unorganized and filled with books and papers. I have anger management issues and I eat too much chocolate.

It might be watching me as I daydream or cry. My doodles, my outbursts and fights would be observed. I might appear to be a crazy person who has no control over anything. Maybe, it sees the absurdities of my life.

But the Gecko doesn’t see any of these imperfections. He cares only about the leftover food at my table and maybe about the ways to catch bugs. You see what I just did, don’t you? I tried to project my own reflections onto a Gecko and further complicate my own versions of reality.

Isn’t this what we do/experience on a daily basis? Forgetting the simplicity of ordinary life and complicate it with overthinking and worries? Life as we live it is already complicated. There is competition, deadlines, responsibilities and stress. So, the way we approach life is always important. If we could see the simple and ordinary things of life as they are and appreciate the beauty associated with it, life would be relatively easy.

Observing the Gecko as it observes me with its watchful eyes, gives me a strange sense of wonder. I might be entangled in my own issues and think them to be important. But they are not important to the Gecko who resides beside my table.

Image Credit — http://oxfordhistory.org.uk/broad/buildings/east/old_indian_institute/index.html